vendredi 4 juin 2010

Tame Impala - Solitude is Bliss

Elle est magnifique cette vidéo !!

Cracks in the pavement underneath my shoe
I can listen less about and less about you
No one else around to look at me
So I can look at my shadow as much as I please

All the kicks that I can't compare to
Making friends like they're all supposed to

You will never come close to how I feel

Space around me where my soul can breathe
I've got body that my mind can leave
Nothing else matters, I don't care what I miss
Company's okay
Solitude is bliss

There's a party in my head and no one is invited

And you will never come close to how I feel

Movement doesn't flow
Quite like it does when I'm alone
I'll be the one who's free
You and I are friends
Can watch me, today

Don't ask me how you're supposed to feel

You will never come close to how I feel

1 commentaire:

  1. Effectivement magnifique, le genre de vidéo qui réveille en nous qq chose qui se trouvait en hibernation à cause du moule et du système.
    On à l'impression de faire un retour en arrière année 60-70, un similitude avec les premiers albums Pink Floyd et le Rock Progressif. une taff ??